Micro Sex Stories Thank you!

Inside the Cookie

At the beginning of March, Erotica280 offered the word “kindness” as a writing prompt on Twitter. I submitted a micro-story and posted it on my blog here. Since then, I received a request for a longer version from a very special fan. The new, expanded story is now available to read for FREE at […]

Thank you!

Thank you, Catherine Dunn!

Catherine Dunn put this lovely book cover together for “The Bradstone Confessions: Book 1”. When Lot’s Cave agreed to publish the book, they suggested changing the cover to make it feel more at home in the cave. I respect and support the fine work and professional opinions of the people I’m fortunate enough to work […]

Micro Sex Stories

#Erotica280 528: “morbid”

Remember that morbid scene in GOT when Jamie and Cersei have sex beside Joffrey’s dead body? Yeah… I’d forgotten about that, too. You’re welcome.