Thank you!

Thank you, Catherine Dunn!

Catherine Dunn put this lovely book cover together for “The Bradstone Confessions: Book 1”. When Lot’s Cave agreed to publish the book, they suggested changing the cover to make it feel more at home in the cave. I respect and support the fine work and professional opinions of the people I’m fortunate enough to work with, and I agreed to make the change. If you purchase the book, I believe you will still find the original cover within the text itself, but I wanted to showcase this beautiful picture for you here.

Catherine has an excellent eye for nature; it’s something I first noticed in her portfolio. Despite her own admission of never having been in a canoe, I think she captured the very essence of that experience in classic, early Monet style. I particularly like this image because of its poetic resonance, its depiction of a rare and fragile moment in life when we’re surrounded by those we love, drifting together towards a new and magnificent destination.

A huge thanks to you, Catherine!

And stay tuned, everyone… you haven’t seen the last of this picture.

Catherine Dunn

Catherine Dunn | Twitter: @CatherineDunn8

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