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Secrets of Primrose Pine, Part 1 (8.1k words)

Enter a mysterious land that begins somewhere near a mountain pass, close to an old rail house, and far from civilization. Follow a hapless family as they search for help in a breathtaking, yet unforgiving wilderness. Discover a house in the hills where a lonely old man offers his assistance, but at a price that will cost everyone their pride and force them all to reconsider what it really means to be part of the family.

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Secrets of Primrose Pine, Part 2 (7.8k words)

Go camping with a mother, daughter, and niece as they hike through a predator-infested wilderness. Pretend you’re sleeping, snuggled safely in a tent, as wild things come near, and the truth becomes clear. Peer quietly through the trees and hanging bows while spying on a strange group of nudists, an orgy colony. Follow along the forest path as the truth is revealed, and the trio of explorers learn the taboo Secrets of Primrose Pine.

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The Kindest Cookies (1.4k words)
A man gets tired of chasing love in the city and goes home.

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Hidden Things (2.7k words)
Twins and their cousin put on a show for their uncle.

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