Rubiq Cran’s Privacy Commitment

Hello, curious clicker.

Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for checking my privacy policy. You might be horrified if you knew how many people don’t seem to care about this crucial issue. If you’ve made it this far, you probably know I enjoy writing about controversial topics, so I completely understand your concern. That’s why I haven’t put up a generic privacy statement with a bunch of useless double-talking lawyer crap.

If you choose to subscribe to my website, I will email you the password to my FREE Sex Stories, and I will occasionally email you about my latest books in the hopes you’ll buy one. That’s it. I know, I know… You’d think there’d be more to it, but that’s it. That is, literally, the entire plan.

Please note that may contain links to other websites, and when you click on one of these links, you’re moving to another website. I encourage you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites as their privacy policies may differ from mine.

Here’s the crux of it: I don’t share anything – not with advertisers, not with Big Brother, not with your mother.

That’s my promise to you.

Safe travels, curious friend.